Welcome to Run My Best

Run My Best wants to help you to achieve whatever your running or athletics goals may be. Whether it is to complete a Park Run comfortably, run a faster time for a Park Run, or even finish Comrades in a faster time, we can assist you.

We also offer coaching for several disciplines for high school athletes, having had extensive experience with schools and club athletes.

We will use our experience gained from many years of coaching, racing and being involved with athetics from beginner to international competition, including at schools and clubs, to help you to say: I’ve Run My Best.

Browse our site for what we can offer you and contact us if you need further information.


Who are We?

We have a combined experience of running of nearly 50 years, which has included both personal running experience and coaching.

We have been involved with the sport of athletics at a beginner level all the way up to international, including schools and club. We know what it takes to take the first steps to be a runner to the effort that goes into being a participant at an international level. That is why we are able to assist you, no matter what your goals may be.

People start running for a variety of different reasons, be it to get fit, compete at the Olympics or just lose weight and adopt a more healthy lifestyle. However, the principles remain the same and the same basic steps need to be taken regardless of the aim. We can help you to take those steps and go on to meet your goals.

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What Do We Offer?

We cater for all levels and most events in the sport of athletics, having had a combined experience that enables us to assist the beginner and the elite.

We are offering coaching sessions in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town during the first term in 2020. Click the button below for more information.

We can also assist anyone with their distance (ie road, cross country, trail, etc) running, from beginners to Park Runs to Comrades. Not everyone has the same goals and needs, nor does everyone have the same amount of time available. We have designed training programmes to cater for your requirements which will provide you with a programme and weekly feedback. 

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