Primary School Coaching and Clinics

We have extensive experience of coaching at school level. We are able to assist schools in the Cape Town area with schools coaching or clinics, depending on other commitments.

We subscribe the IAAF Kids Athletics programme but can also assist with preparation for schools competitions.

Most schools and clubs approach the development of children as a scaled-down version of adults’ competitions. This does not take into account the recognised stages of children’s physical development and it also leads to early specialisation, which has been shown to harm a child’s long-term development. It also leads to early elitism, which in the majority of cases is detrimental to their future development as adults.

Unfortunately the reality is that most school children in South Africa are exposed to a system where they need to take part at schools’ competitions.

We can assist with group sessions or individuals.

For more information on the IAAF Kids Athletics programme click on these links: IAAF Kids Athletics Manual or IAAF Kids Athletics Webpage.

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